Back Pain

back-painMost lower back pain can be treated without the means of surgery; these include the following:

Herniated Disc: Your spine is cushioned by sponge like discs that act like shock absorbers. When a portion of the gel-like center of the disc has migrated through the annulus fibrosus, or the outer layers of the disc, either via natural wear or injury, herniation occurs. When this takes place, pressure is then placed on the surrounding structures, triggering inflammation and pain. If left untreated, physical disability may occur. If you are experiencing pain from a herniated disc and are seeking relief, you may be a candidate for our DRX9000 machine, a non-invasive approach to treating herniated disc conditions.

Sciatica: When an injured disc pushes against the spinal nerve which leads to the sciatic nerve, a shock-like pain is often produced down your lower back and along your legs. Typically, it only affects one side of the body and the pain may range from a mild, numbing pain to a feeling of intense electric shock. This pain may also occur suddenly or develop over time.  Sciatica is one of the most common symptoms for a herniated disc.

Degenerative Disc: The main function of a disc is to resist and distribute mechanical loads. When discs suffer from dehydration and deteriorate, they become more susceptible to injuries. This condition could also occur from natural wear and tear and from aging. The pain that occurs often depends on the location of the affected disc. Physical therapy is a commonly recommended treatment and the DRX-9000 can also play a major role in recovery.

Spinal Stenosis: When the open spaces between the spine narrow, more pressure is placed on your spinal cord, causing pain between your neck and lower back. While this may be due to the natural spine structure that you were born with, there are a number of other factors that contribute to the narrowing spaces between your spine; these include bone overgrowth, herniated discs, and tumors.

Osteoarthritis: Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and is commonly known as “wear and tear” arthritis. Cartilage, the firm tissue that surrounds your bones, enables for smooth joint motion. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease that occurs when the protective cartilage surrounding your bones wear. As the cartilage deteriorates, the tendons and ligaments stretch and, even worse, your bones may rub against other bones. While there is no cure at the moment, we will provide you with a treatment plan to relieve your pain and improve your joint function.

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